Oh no, not again! Epilogue

2015-10-17 10.04.51

So, apparently this makes us twins! Bright orange, she did mine, I did hers.

Just thought I’d update you on the ending of the school week. The day after the mini disaster, or dreadful mummy moment, T & I had a good chat as we got ready in the morning. It was decided it was definitely about time we had some girly time, and we made a plan for a sleepover (she hears big sister talking about such things!!) with all the essentials – cookies, a film & pj’s.

Friday arrived, cookies were somehow in the oven whilst cooking tea (an easy crowd pleaser… It has been a long week!) and so straight after tea we got our pj’s on, and took cookies up, and drinks, and sat cross legged on T’s bed. She chose something to watch, we painted nails, ate cookies, chatted & giggled. After one episode of the programme T says, turn it off now Mummy, it’s time for the next bit of the sleepover, what’s that I asked – well going to sleep of course!

As she sleepily carried on chatting she yawned, I like girly time, she said, we should have girly sleepovers lots more Mummy!

It made me smile as I tiptoed out to spend bedtime time with A, & B. I asked myself if the girly sleepover idea was inspired by the mini disaster experience? Would I have so readily agreed & entered in on a different week?

I hope I would, would you?


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  1. Oh we think T is adorable! And especially heart warming as Janey and I read the post while having our own sleepover in my bed watching Bridget Jones’ diary with a glass of wine and a packet of hula hoops. So you have many years of girly time to look forward to!


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