don’t panic…advent is here

So, it’s Dec 1st!

We’re being brave again – I have chosen, printed out & laminated some advent readings. There’s a candle on the kitchen table ready to welcome us & remind us God is in the midst. I have a twig tree (v last min but feel rather pleased with myself for having it ready before tea!) to hang our readings on when we have done them…

All that’s left is the desperate need to remind myself to take it easy – one day at a time – don’t panic, any day we manage to do the reading together is great, any day during advent this feels stress free & enjoyable is a blessing, and any day its simply out of the question IS OK!!!

If you have recently joined the conversation you may want to look at the post ‘in the midst’ (…/08/25/in-the-midst/)to see where my stresses are coming from… I still feel quite unable to believe that since we moved two years ago we have been (just about) sitting together to eat tea, and this has made it possible to try to mark advent together as a family. I went all out the first Christmas here (yes a bit giddy by the dramatic change & the possibilities it gave us) and planned my dream Jesse Tree… it was hard work, stressful, disappointing, crazy logistically, and beautiful all at the same time! Last Christmas we found a shorter version and tried again… and managed a few days throughout advent.

This year we are trying something different, perhaps more straightforward (here’s hoping), shorter, more succinct – and I am determined that I will not panic and fall into despair & discouragement when there are days (which there will be) we simply cannot even do that! After all it’s pretty close to a miracle that we are eating together every day in the first place, amazing to have an opportunity to create family moments to draw close to God together in our home.2015-12-01 19.56.24

What are you doing as a family during advent this year?

I’ll keep you posted on our progress, would love to hear about yours…


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