Getting ready…slow progress!

Just have time for a quick update – I wonder if writing it down might ease the mounting stress?!

2015-12-10 09.31.41We have had a couple of goes at making beautiful window stars together, and I had quite underestimated T – of course she wanted to join in with exactly the same as big brother & sister, and to be fair she was pretty good… now all we need is some sunshine to bring the colourful light in…


Also needing a distraction T & I had a go at collecting, cutting and mixing what we needed to make our find it Christmas jar. The rice didn’t take the colour quite as easily as suggested in the instructions – red & green have become orange & mushy yellow, but they still look pretty. Think our mini snowman might never hide but that doesn’t seem to matter… besides, the idea has already proved itself – even putting it together was a calming 2015-12-10 09.32.41richly sensory activity as we rummaged through our craft bag of bits, stirred rice, spread it out on trays to dry, and spent time posting all of it into a shiny jar.

It’s good to remind myself I’ve made a start on some of that list of ideas that will be so handy in the next couple of weeks… Great to have had such enjoyable time doing them together. Next, sensory nativity bin! (And mince pies cooked, menus planned, service prep finished, rooms tidy-ish, presents ready & wrapped..???) Good job I had a beautiful reminder of what Christmas is all about this afternoon at the infant school nativity – it’s not the food, not the toys, not even the fun of Santa…it’s all about you Jesus.




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