phew it’s a pj day!

Happy Christmas!

Well safe to say I’m officially tired today, and very pleased that everyone is more then happy to have a pj day before we travel to see more family tomorrow.

Here are some of the highlights for me so far… (deliberately thinking positively – the ‘moments’ can wait for another blog!!)

  • making Daddy’s present from the kids with the kids; glitter, feathers, painting, drawing, cutting & sticking and watching the 2015-12-26 16.52.27excitement of doing something that had to stay secret till Christmas Day! They did a great job
  • managing to successfully get the oven on a timer for all the meat joints eaten so far… and working with Andrew is the
    kitchen to get the Christmas lunch ready…
  • being caught practicing riding the scooter (that I was planning to make an entrance on when leading the Christmas Eve Nativity service) up & down the aisles at church before the service – very funny – and yes I did scoot to the front successfully without falling off! (we went on a bit of a trip round the world)
  • a week old baby coming to the Christmas Eve service and his Mum dressing up as Mary to join in.
  • wrapping presents with each of my little ones, lovely times of chat and excitement.
  • hugs and smiles!2015-12-23 16.12.10
  • listening to the Christmas story read by good friends that no longer live just round the corner, and by new friends from Switzerland, Brazil, Mozambique and Uganda – for me it really helped me to grasp a bit more of the reality that when Jesus was born it didn’t just change his family forever, or his village community forever, or even his country – when he came he changed things for everyone all round the world.
  • Christmas Day service, T dancing, B sitting with friends, A persuading Grandad to show everyone his light up Christmas jumper…
  • being with family in the (fleeting) calm, all relaxed, independently busy with new presents, fire lit.

I wonder what the rest of this week will have for us? I really like this week after Christmas, Andrew takes the time off, the church phone in the study gets switched off – good to have some time that’s not under pressure…

What do the next few days have for you? family visits? back to work?? days out? fun and games?

I am praying for some sleep, good conversations, fun, space, moments of rest and calm, and to be able to remember God is with me in the midst – whatever you are up to, can I pray the same for you too? x

2015-12-25 09.28.50





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  1. How lovely it all was! Soaking up the atmosphere in the Carol Service and the Nativity Service. Although being too ill for Christmas morning service, recovering sufficiently to enjoy the afternoon with close family. Now enjoying the peace and quiet following and getting stuck into year end accounts, but taking afternoons off to enjoy movies and my new colouring book! You have really got into your stride with your blog. Looking forward to new posts.


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