Whatever you do

What a full, fun, friend-filled day we have had!

col 3v23

It is a week until our church’s holiday club, and B & her friends have come up with the designs and list of props we need to turn our church into the museum/library that we would love it to be. After church this morning we headed home for lunch gathering some friends to bring back with us as we went, and because it’s been a beautifully sunny day we all went out into the garden to enjoy lunch together. Then after lunch B’s friend joined us to help with more of the prep for holiday club.

It was one of those wonderfully spontaneous afternoons that drew us all in – each picking up a task, sometimes working together sometimes alone but near everyone else. Acetate wings were cut & decorated; cardboard ornate frames prepped and then painted in the shade of a tree; numerous plates, cups & pots were drawn round numerous times and the circles cut out! This particular activity gathered us all in by the late afternoon, and those of us drawing round & cutting out watched as B & her friend began to build the 3D model they had in mind out of card, foil, PVA, paint, glitter and tonnes of (precisely executed) imagination!

We came together with a tea of scones made by A, with cream and some jam from another friend at church who had been busy yesterday cooking a batch of blackcurrant and brought a jar to slip in my bag this morning! It felt like a celebration of our achievements that afternoon and also a celebration of togetherness. We had all contributed, all had something that was needed to get on with the task, and we had (mostly!!) enjoyed it!

I’m always glad of these opportunities to work together on a project. The enthusiasm and focus when B gets going on a project that sparks her interest is catching…the way T gets so involved in painting that by the end her whole body seems to have taken part (the bath tonight def had a hint of silver! … the enjoyment and anticipation of the feast we see in A as he bakes … the working together each of us supporting the whole … it reminds me of the verse from Colossians 3:23:

 ‘Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord’ (NIV)

It also reminds me how we are all differently gifted, differently able, equally needed for a complete whole and all to be equally valued and celebrated.

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