So this last week we have celebrated another birthday – Autumn is birthday season for us… T you are 6!!!

We have so enjoyed working together to help B organise your party – all things My Little Pony, your favourite thing right now. B organised games, A did lots of cutting out with L (the cousins were with us too), I did decorations and iced your cake the way B had in mind. Daddy did food for your birthday tea, which you enjoyed with lots of friends and all of us.


Right from day one you have been surrounded by family and friends who love you and pray for you. At your dedication some of us especially promised to pray for you and show you what its like to be Jesus’ friends, your Gmo Claire, your God Daddy Simon, and of course your Anne! But did you know the whole Jesus family in our church in Liverpool also prayed for you that day. Being part of church where we are means you are surrounded not just by us but also the love of Jesus’ family as you grow & keep on adventuring with God.


This big family you are part of want to laugh when you laugh, have fun with you, go adventuring too. We will be here for you when you fall over, to comfort you when you are sad, and to help you work things out when they get tricky. But most of all we will love you!


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