nothing is impossible!

How is it possible that you are now officially a teenager A?!!

Wow, what a lot of giggles & adventures we’ve had together so far! Can’t wait for more!


This week we have celebrated your birthday with you, just us as a family together. You came home from school and T, B & I were busy decorating your cake together – last minute as always, but so much fun doing it together thinking about all the things you love about books, and stories. Thank you for loving it too & joining in our excitement – particularly as T’s imagination was let loose and caramel snowballs, dripping volcanic rocks, and bloodied princess dresses (from a nose bleed apparently!) and alien like unicorn horns and dinosaur spikes were added to the cake!

Thank you for also joining in the fun of the family games the girls had planned while Daddy finished making the tea, and as usual for quick thinking endlessly to find just the right encouragements and perfect ‘jobs’ for T to do as she struggled to join in. You’re great at that! It can feel impossible sometimes can’t it.

I’ve been reminded this morning that nothing is impossible for God. Life is full of challenges, and daunting adventures, tasks and expectations (especially the ones we give ourselves!) and the brave ones aren’t just the ones who don’t seem to see the obstacles, the brave ones are the ones who see (and feel) the huge mountains but keep on going with God even then. You do that A! Do you remember loving these songs?

We love watching you growing up being that brave giant of faith, keeping on walking with God no matter what, and letting us walk alongside too. By faith we can do anything – because nothing is impossible with God!!


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