hello 2017!

Today I feel as though I may actually be catching on to the fact that we are at the start of another new year! Happy New Year everyone!!!


I have woken up feeling that wonderful optimism that floods over me from time to time – that today will be the day that I achieve everything on my to-do-list; the ironing mountain will be conquered, the washing Himalayas too; the house will be spotless, dustless, clean & organised, ready for spring term; we will have slipped back effortlessly into term time routine by bedtime – & of course bedtimes will be calm and joyful… you know … and then that same optimism spreads to my outlook on 2017 too, I will be a more organised blogger; I will get on top of the school run & have kids to school on time every day with everything they need without loosing it completely; I will manage my time so well this year that everything I would love to fit in will find a place in the week where it fits perfectly; I will support and encourage my children so well that even homework will be a breeze; I will delight in family devotional times and activities this year… this will be the year!!… you know …

I was reminded as I checked my social media feeds this morning that optimistic resolutions are only ever a very small part of our growth in character, our ability to adult (I love that word as a verb don’t you?), our faith, our gifts and talents year on year… what really counts is the everyday little moments, almost unseen opportunities to make a seemingly small choice with our face firmly pointed, yet again towards our goals.Small choices add up to a big difference, make a big impact through God’s grace. Everyday intentionality. Tenacity. Gratitude. Grace.

I don’t know exactly what 2017 will hold for us, but I’m certain it will be challenging, full of emotional ups and downs, and hard work! I’m praying it will also be another year made beautiful by grace; embroidered and knitted together with threads of God’s word and love; enlarged as our actions and words reach out to serve others; enriched as we learn from each other; kept steady by God’s presence, our heart-beat.

So, today I want to go back as always to the heart of it all. Yes I will sit and make a million to-do-lists (wish lists) about the year ahead, but I want to first of all take a moment and ‘re-collect’ who I am, whose I am. It is in that truth that I find my purpose, value, direction.

Is 43


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