what’s new?

2017-01-06-12-20-11The Christmas decorations are finally down & put away, and I have actually managed to hoover the remains of Christmas and New Year celebrations out of the carpets (mostly!).

The washing Himalayas are slowly but surely reducing to the size of a mountain, and apparently we are ‘back into normal routine’…

so I’m just stopping for a minute to wonder what’s new so far this year…an opportunity to celebrate the little things!


I was able to drop T off this morning without staying… first morning since the Christmas break. Friends helped me celebrate this huge achievement with coffee & hot choc!

This week I have successfully supported Physics homework – Physics!!! – a first for me (Thank you Google).

…and here’s a little thing well worth a celebration, I didn’t need to support maths homework last night once it got started! Homework finished with little or no support may seem a little thing, but for me that’s definitely worthy of celebration.

Last night at bedtime, T actually chose to read a story to me! One of the Oxford Reading Tree books from our bookshelf at home rather than a school reading book, but I was thrilled.

A little thing that has happened every day since term started… all 3 have got to school, in uniform, with what they need… in the light of huge anxiety about school and all that brings to our mornings I feel that’s an achievement.


Andrew has been continuing using the concepts in ‘Sleeping with Bread, holding what gives you life’ (Dennis, Matthew & Sheila Linn) – based on the  Ignation Daily Examen – with A before sleep. It asks ‘what has filled you with joy today?’ and invites A to hold that, and treasure it as he sleeps.

Having completed ‘Thoughts to make your heart sing'(Sally Lloyd-Jones & Jago) with B at bedtimes, we decided (B actually said she felt like a change!?) to carry on with a reading a bit like that but a different book. We now have ‘Jesus Calling, 365 devotions for kids'(Sarah Young & Tama Fortner). It has a verse every day and a thought written as if Jesus is saying it to us. (we did chat about that before launching in) Quite different from ‘Thoughts to make your heart sing’ which we have really enjoyed and which made us think. We are looking forward to hearing Jesus speaking to us through these thoughts this year.

So far this year I have brought one of the children’s Bible’s up into bed with the other stories  for T, and we have managed to enjoy a few together.



T is starting Rainbows, we both went together for the first time last week and she is looking forward to going again. Girl guiding has been something that has caught the imagination of B since she joined Brownies, this year having completed her Baden Powell last year she is now a young leader in Brownies with one of her friends.


20170110_1737441New term in children’s work, new topics, new notice boards! (B helps me, and we have a good giggle together getting them done.)


A is now regularly part of the worship group once a month, I feel so very proud watching him use and grow his gifts…


(I know a seemingly insignificant thing, but I’m guessing some of you will understand this as something to celebrate for a few reasons) We have needed to get new clothes, in new sizes for all 3 since Christmas… and they are being worn (ok, we’re still working on the coat & wellingtons for T, but she’s happily talking about them, trying them on in the house… that’s a good start.). But you know what that means… it means they are growing, definitely cause for celebration.


20170112_1134241T is getting used to taking Melatonin now, and it is helping her to get to sleep so much better in the evenings – which has changed so many other things in our evenings, bedtime for A doesn’t any longer have to be interrupted or shared by T, I do sometimes even get downstairs between bedtimes to tidy up after tea, or dare I say it even to pause just for a few minutes!


We have turned the compost heaps, and in the process found 3 little tiny mice and one of last years baby frogs – now a little bigger, and lots & lots of good usable soil.

B & I have planted our first batch of seeds too, they are in the utility room and we will watch and wait & put our hope in God… as we do with so many of these little things in life, some will take root and just go on growing, others will with a lot of tlc, some may not grow well this time round but they may be little things we try to sow again and again …


the celebration of little things!







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