I can’t find him

‘I can’t find him Mummy! I asked him to help but I can’t see where he is?’

It was another nightmare. So there we were again in the middle of the night, me & T trying to find some calm. At first I wasn’t sure if she was still asleep and simply shouting out but as I gently came alongside and held her, and asked her to explain. It became clear.

‘Mummy, should we ask Jesus to help instead. I can’t find God. Ask him now Mummy, I need help.’

I decided now wasn’t the right time for a long and careful bit of teaching on the Trinity, so I prayed, asking Jesus to come & help, and asking for us to have eyes that could see him in T’s dream. Then I suggested she go back and look for him. ‘Where do you need help T?’

‘I can’t get custard out – he’s fallen into a hole coming up the stairs and he’s stuck.’

Custard-cream, custard for short, is one of our guinea-pigs and very loved. I could imagine straight away how distressing this dream would be. ‘Jesus will be by the stairs then, do you think?’

‘Mummy, what if Jesus can’t see him to get him back, custard is stuck?’

Into my mind popped the verses which remind us that not even a little sparrow falls to the ground without Father God noticing. Thank you God. ‘T, he even sees when little tiny sparrows fall, he’ll be brilliant at seeing custard and getting him out.’

I am trying not to fall asleep while I hold T, still fitful and half awake, half asleep. Not sure I managed, next thing I know:

‘It’s ok Mummy, I’ve found him. He’s got custard.’

‘That’s great T. Time to get back to sleep then.’

I think I must have fallen to sleep right there in her bed (yet again!), I woke up to my alarm – Andrew shouting from the other room that my alarm was going off, and where was I!  As I sleepy as ever, got B downstairs for breakfast and another day began I was reflecting how amazing that night time chat had been. How wonderful it is that we can ask God to come even into the situations of our dreams and he comes to us quickly, and turns the situation around. And how encouraging that since the last time I had been with T through a nightmare and had coached her through inviting Jesus in and looking for him, she has taken it in, and run with this new possibility – she had already asked God to help before I even got there! I was also so thankful that the Spirit dropped just the right verses into my mind, against all the odds – I was so tired, not able to think straight, and it was the middle of the night after a day & a half of intense, difficult parenting – I had gone to bed (for approx an hour) feeling anything but calm and gentle. But His grace covered all of that & gave me what I needed for that moment with Him & T.



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  1. I read your last blog about sharing with T that Jesus could help defend her in her dreams. I have begun praying for my sons the same. They are grown, but I know God sees their dreams and can enter them, even if they aren’t yet aware they can ask. Thank you again for sharing.


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