Apologies – and the guilt coming out of lockdown

Is it true, what I’ve been reading on social media over the last 2 months, people have been redecorating houses, getting fit, taking up new hobbies? Apparently lockdown has been an opportunity for such things – for some!

Isn’t it hard not to face coming out of lockdown with a whole load of new things to feel guilty about. The untidy, unclean house let alone not re-decorated; the really few number of ‘good days’ of school at home; the fact that I’ve not been able to sit here with a cuppa for a whole 2 months!!; the non-existent new hobbies and achievements. Oh dear, if comparison is the thief of joy this is going to feel rather tricky to negotiate!

Surely I’m not alone!

Well, to try and help myself, I’m going to sit here for a moment and list my lockdown achievements – however different they may be:

  • We have (just about) always had clean clothes to wear!
  • Everyone has eaten something every day (even if it wasn’t at the right time, or in the same place as everyone else, or particularly nutritious)
  • School work has been printed out and talked about – a lot – enough said!
  • I have discovered and explored new places in the house and garden to create semi-permanent dens and tents. (safe chill out spaces and divide and conquer!)
  • Church has come into our living room, and study, and kitchen, and sometimes bedroom and even behind the sofa on Sundays.
  • I have become quite used to filming, editing and leading myself in worship and reflective activities of various kinds.
  • I have created film studio zones in the house and garden – that can be rediscovered under the mess when needed.
  • My volunteering responsibilities and my work have been done – that should be in capital letters, what an achievement in these circumstances!
  • And I have learnt all about green screens, stop frame animation and some basic editing. Watch out world!!
  • I have continued to exercise my extreme parenting skills – juggling, multi-tasking, peace keeping and hostage negotiation, wrestling the octopus-es or is that -i?, mentoring, counselling, resilience under a regime of sleep deprivation and red-coat entertainment as required.
  • We have bought and settled in 2 rabbits – Flapjack, and Tiffin.
Flapjack on the right, Tiffin on the left
  • I have tried new baked goodies – A has been baking lots of bread, and cake.
  • As a result I reached my ideal weight for the first time in years – even if fleetingly.
  • T has made it into the bath and shower enough.
  • I have made fabric masks for all of us.
  • I actually rang the doctors – yes me – if you know me well you will instantly agree it has to go on the list of achievements.
  • I have smiled, and laughed, played games and spoken to extended family regularly.
  • (I have also sighed, been tired, grumpy, frustrated and very anxious in equal measure)
  • I have not fallen out (permanently!) with any family members!!

Thanks for listening! It really helps to list things sometimes – there have been plenty of achievements – but as always they might not look the same in our family. What do they look like in yours as you ease out of lockdown?

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