Happy Christmas!

Hi everyone! I’ve so missed being able to be here this year. So this is me putting pen to paper as an act of commitment to getting back here more often. How are you?

It’s another rather strange and uncertain Christmas I guess for most of us. Some familiar things cancelled, others have gone ahead. Some plans with family & friends looking possible, others less so. It is draining isn’t it, trying to keep up – and also supporting others for whom uncertainty & change are pretty scary and unbearable. But it’s also making the traditions we have been able to take part in even more significant – like firm stepping stones across boggy ground.

We have our family nativity service this afternoon – we’ve all tested negative so it can go ahead. I’m excited and relieved, last year it was one of the cancelled parts of Christmas and we missed it. There is something wonderful about all dressing up – young and old – and stepping right into the story, becoming part of it , and letting it become part of us once again, embedding deeper each year. It’s a physical, tangible entering in using our imagination, and our senses. Ignatius would approve. He understood that God speaks to us, not just in words but in our imaginings and through our senses and instructed disciples to meditate on scripture bringing our senses and imagination with us and stepping into the story to meet with God there.

Emmanuel, God with us… God who steps into our story to meet us is ready and waiting to welcome us… so I’m getting the camel costume ready!

Have a wonderful Christmas – savour the traditions you can do, the time with family when it can happen, and step right in.


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