About clearly nurturing

Why clearly nurturing?


Clearly nurturing seems to be the bringing together of two things I hold very dear—writing and sharing faith with children.

I have been writing things most of my life—creating a mini series of books for my little sisters when I was little myself, planning, writing (and leading!) holiday club days for friends and neighbours in our front garden in my teens!, and a few poetry competitions through school.

After school years I went off and studied English Lit & Lang, followed by theology BA & MA alongside training for Baptist Ministry. During training Andrew & I got married, then moved to his curacy church (yes Anglican) and welcomed  B, our first girl—fairly swiftly followed by A, our boy. 


After curacy we moved to live & work with a church in Liverpool. We stayed there for just under 10 years—and left having had another girl, T; having had to discover lots more about ASD; and with me finally ordained—in the Anglican church!

I’d also gained so much experience through leading Falcon Camps, supporting fresh expressions of church emerging amongst families and children, and through living & working alongside many amazing & inspiring friends in our community and the community of the New Wine network.

I love talking about faith with children, something I have been involved in for many years in church grps (really since I was 14 – the year I was baptised) & now of course with my own 3, and I know full well I have needed the support, inspiration and encouragement of others along the way.

My hope is that clearly nurturing will be a source of encouragement for others like me trying to think about sharing faith with their children, and a place for sharing ideas—especially any that are ASD friendly!!



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