fascinating distractions!

It all began with eggs ‘n’ bacon! (Sorry Andrew not the eating kind.)

Everything is suddenly growing very fast, and in between the grass cutting our lawn is becoming a meadow full of beautiful wildflowers. I took T for a carry round the garden last night waiting for baking to finish, we needed a distraction – even though the baking was a distraction in itself from a stressful spiraling conversation about her not accepting why she couldn’t go ahead & do something that she really wanted to do… anyway, between the showers there was a moment of warm sun in the garden, and of course the birds were out in force because the rain had stirred up the insects and worms! The grass was wet hence the carry – shoes couldn’t be chosen, but she was not wanting to touch the grass – strange how sometimes she can’t get enough of the sensation of wet grassy feet, other times it’s a definite no!

We stood for a long while watching (with T’s finger on my lips – a permanent reminder of the rule that to birdwatch we need to stay super quiet!) a mummy blackbird catching worms in the newly dug veg patch, watching carefully where she went in the hedge behind the shed and listening for baby bird chirping. Then daddy blackbird came along, and we wondered (in whispers) together how many worms a baby bird might need each day?? T -‘one for breakfast, one for lunch and then now before bed I think (serious face)’ – ‘and at night time?’ – ‘no mummy, then its time to sleep.’ (silently pleased she knows the concept at least – night is for sleeping!) All of a sudden the pair of blackbirds started to shout loudly, and flew up… there was a magpie. We watched as they defended their nest noisily, eventually sending the magpie away. T found it sad to think of a big bird trying to steal and eat a smaller bird’s eggs so we talked about that for a while.

As we walked I spotted a wildflower growing that we’d not seen there before so we stopped to have a look (mind the feet nr the grass Mummy!!), ‘I called this eggs ‘n’ bacon when I was little, isn’t it lovely’ – ‘eggs and bacon??’ – ‘yes, probably because it has lovely dark red flower buds look, and then the flowers are deep yellow like egg yolks’ – ‘Oh, that’s strange, how funny!’… ‘what’s this one’s name?’, T said looking at the speedwell next to it. We wandered along the edge of the garden talking about their names, speedwell meaning grows well not meaning super fast; cow’s parsley because it’s leaves look similar to parsley but it’s not ok for us to eat, just ok for cows; that got us remembering seeing cowslips, ‘are they like cow’s lips?’, ‘no I think they were called that because they grow in fields near cow’s splatty poos, the poos used to be called slips’ – giggling; buttercups, ‘look if you pick them and hold them under your chin your chin shines yellow, it looks like a cup full of golden butter doesn’t it?’ – ‘not really Mummy’; foxgloves, because the flowers look like little slippers for fox size feet?? ‘but foxes don’t need slippers do they Mummy?!’; dandilion clocks, how many times do you have to blow to blow away all the seeds? does it tell you the time? ‘no Mummy, that’s silly.’ Etymology is going to be a fascinating puzzle to explore with her if she stays interested. Anyway, we spent a very happy and fascinated 20 mins or so looking, spotting and wondering. Thankfully the cake was ready when we got back, and then tea (thankful for TV to get us through that next 20 mins of waiting), a quick chat with our neighbours taking them some cake – and then relax (ish) bedtime… (and what a bedtime it turned out to be… but that’s another story!)

2016-05-24 09.59.18

what a lovely juxtoposition!

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